How to get cash back in real estate?

Step by step, learn how to apply for and activate a personal certificate, by which you get a cash back, that is, a refund on a real estate purchase. It operates worldwide.


On the project page (in the table), click get a certificate.


Enter your details and get a copy of the certificate by e-mail.

Activate the personal certificate in your user account.

The presentation of the cash back service provided by GEOLN.COM

The GEOLN.COM international real estate search engine from developers and owners gives you an opportunity to find real estate around the world without intermediaries, make a purchase and get a cash back on a purchase from developer in cash or on your bank card. To do this, you need to apply for a personal certificate and activate it online. A copy of the certificate is available in your user account on GEOLN.COM.

Advantages of certificates

Guaranteed cash back

After you have sent the certificate to confirm activation, the developer is required to activate it. If the developer refuses to activate the certificate, contact GEOLN.COM. We guarantee you a refund in the amount of cash back.

Find a real estate deal and get cash back

Why is cash back used in real estate?

  • It makes economic sense, since you buy and get cash back regardless of the payment terms and discounts offered by the developer.
  • You can use the cash back certificate at any time. Both in the case of payment in full and in the case of payment in installments.
  • You can use the certificate as a monthly payment if you bought the property on the installment plan.

Online Delivery

Apply for a certificate online in the user account on GEOLN.COM

Live Chat

If necessary, contact the service center for assistance.

E-mail Copy

The cash back certificate is duplicated to your personal email address.

24/7 Storage

We save your certificate in the user account.